Part of owning a property, where horses can graze and exercise, is getting used to all the people coming and going. Not to mention which horse is which. You might have some regular clients whose horses graze long term. But then you also might get clients who bring their horse for one week only, possibly because they want the horse to eat grass from a paddock rather than be given hard feed (ie bales of hay).

I try to meet the new people and their horses so, when they’re not coming to visit or feed their horse, I have some idea of how many horses are on the property and which paddock each horse is in.

And here's Harold in the holding yard.


New horses coming onto the property spend an hour or two in the holding yard – to get used to the new environment. Harold was a little agitated on arrival, so he spent time in the yard and called out to other horses (I think this is neighing, as opposed to nickering, and says to other horses “hey, I’m over here; where are you?”). After an hour or two, Harold was turned out into his own paddock – happy as a pig in mud. Well, a horse in…whatever.