Only a few short months ago, I was trapped in soulless organisations, chained to a desk and travelling for up to 5 hours a day just to get to that desk. Now, I have the freedom to do…whatever. And last week that freedom found me walking around Oxford with a group of ladies. Every Tuesday, 10.00am sharp, off they go for a brisk walk around the district. I joined them on a fairly cold day that threatened rain. And indeed it did sprinkle down a bit.

So today, I thought I would show you some photos I took along the walk. Instead of drab meeting rooms, small office cubicles and hideous fluorescent lighting, I can see stunning long distance views of the Alps, dusted with what looks like icing sugar; alpacas; sheep and horses. And I can breathe in crisp, clean air whilst watching hawks diving into paddocks in search of field mice. We were accompanied on the walk by Boz, my kitchen assistant.

Boz leads the way. Well, not exactly Boz - look, there are some ladies ahead of you.

One of the most humongous roosters I've ever seen came out to greet us as we walked on by.

We walked by plenty of farms. A glimpse into this one reveals a cute pony.

And on this farm, a group of alpacas watch us curiously as we speed by..well, stroll by.