Finally. I’ve found the right horse. There was Splash and The One Who Got Away. Both these horses I really liked, especially Splash. One was sold from under my very nose and the other one had potential health issues that I didn’t want to get involved with. Not with my first horse.

So I went out yet again, on the scout for a pony or a horse up to around 14 hands high. I scoured websites and magazines and eventually found a “wee little pony” for sale just near us. I went last weekend to check out the pony. She has honest eyes and good movement. I thought she was the cutest thing and decided to get her. She arrived by horse transport a couple of days later.

I was worried that she’d be anxious as she hadn’t been floated before (that is, travelled on a horse float). But she was calm and very curious on arrival. She spent about an hour in the round yard. We use the round yard for training but also to isolate new horses to the property, until they become a bit more familiar with the surroundings. From the start, the pony seemed extremely inquisitive and after an hour, we introduced her to her new paddock, right next to that grand old dame, Lily. Lily wasn’t all that friendly at first but now the two of them are inseparable.

Our new horse is a registered purebred Section C Welsh pony and she’s a rising 2-year old. You should be impressed with my horsey talk!  A “rising 2-year old” means she’s approaching her second birthday and Section C means a Welsh pony that is under 13.2 hands.  You can read all about the history of Welsh ponies on Wikipedia.

Her show name is Amberfields Classic Rose and she has a registration card and papers that I must not lose as we plan to show her. Of course, she is so darn cute that she will take out #1 ribbon for sure. Her paddock name is Karma Rose or just plain Karma.

I have named her Karma in honour of my Thai sister, Lalida, and the Thai people. I have been to Thailand on a number of occasions and love the country. The Thai people are like Karma – gentle nature and noble.

I plan to be like one of those hideous beauty pageant mothers. You know, the ones who get their kids all dressed up in pageant clothes and bling. I’ll be decking out Karma with pretty head pieces and halters. But Welsh ponies can’t be prettied up; they have to look natural when shown. Dang, there goes that diamante tiara I was thinking of getting her.

Karma in the round yard, getting used to her new environment.

Checking things out.

What's beyond this round yard I wonder?

Oh well, this is good: I'm getting lots of pats and hugs.

Karma meets Lily (on the right). At first, Lily was a little aloof; now the two are inseparable.