You don’t need your daily sugar fix. Just check out this post. We’ve been introducing Karma, our new pony, to some of the larger horses. Not Harold just yet though. Karma and Lily have adjacent paddocks and they appear to be very good friends but Karma is an inquisitive pony and she’s been watching Skye, who’s in a paddock on the other side of her. Skye is a mare, about 7 years old I think, and 14.2 hands high.

The other day, Skye was being led past Karma’s paddock and we thought we’d take Karma to the stables too so she could meet a horse other than Lily. Into adjacent stables they both went. Karma was a little anxious at first about being in the smaller confined space of a stable but she settled down once Skype appeared next door. And then….the cutest thing. Karma, the ever bold pony, reached up to sniff Skye. Skye neighed and tried to establish dominance as the older mare and larger horse – but she couldn’t resist a cute pony all over her and eventually succumbed.

Let me check out this blonde looking horse.

Mmmm....smells like a horse to me; tastes like one too.

I like Skye. I think I'll give her a big pony hug and then she won't be able to resist me.