Harold has “food issues”. Apparently, he wasn’t treated all that well when he was a racehorse and so he’s a bit funny about his food. But I’ve never seen an animal eat so much, so fast. We plan to use him as our personal lawn mower in the front yard. You can plonk this horse in a fenced off area for hours and he’s as happy as a pig in mud as long as there is grass to eat. You have to be careful of grass sickness though, which can be caused by toxins found in grass and a sudden change in diet if a horse has been stabled over winter and suddenly feasts on grass.

The other day, Harold was having his dinner outside the tack room area. It was quite a performance. A lot of camel-like sounds; kicking over of the food bucket; a quick look into the tack room as well as continually looking at me to ensure I wasn’t going to steal his dinner of chaff, oats and barley. I still can’t get over the size of this horse. He’s 17.2 hands. He seems extremely placid but I don’t have enough guts to go anywhere near him when he’s eating.

I wonder what's on the menu tonight.

Hmmm...oats, barley, some weird electrolyte stuff, mineral salts, garlic powder...

I seem to be missing some carrots....where's that human waiter gone?

Typical. Never any staff around when you need them. I'll just have to tip this bucket over and search for my carrots.

That was a pretty good dinner. I'll just scratch this itchy bit then I'll go off to my paddock.

Hey you...yes, you with that iPhone. Make sure I have plenty of carrots tomorrow!