Karma has been with us three weeks and now that she’s very familiar with her surroundings, her pony nature is starting to emerge. She’s a bit like a naughty school kid at times but she has the sweetest nature. One of our favourite things to do together is grooming. When I muck out her paddock, I spend at least ten minutes grooming her coat. She loves to stand there, in the sun, whilst I use this fancy grooming tool to brush the mud off her. Then she follows me around the paddock making sure that I do poo patrol according to her very high standards!

The other day, Karma was given a “pedicure”. I’ve blogged before about the process of trimming a horse’s hooves. Karma doesn’t have horse shoes but she needed a good trim of the hooves. Basically, a horse hoof is just like a human’s nails and is made of exactly the same thing, keratin. I read somewhere that the horse ancestor had five digits and evolution has resulted in one digit, which I think of as one huge toe nail. When you cut and file your nails, it doesn’t hurt – same for horses.

So I took Karma up to the stable area for her pedicure. She didn’t seem to mind the whole process of trimming, filing and rasping and she now has tidy hooves. This hoof business has to be carried out around every six weeks and a farrier has to watch out as the horse can kick or even bite a farrier’s posterior. Eek!

Hopefully, I'm in for a relaxing 15 minutes - where's the soft music?

Don't you cut too much off my hoof or I'll bite you on the backside!

Farrier's tools look pretty nasty. Here the farrier is trimming the hoof, just like we cut our nails. See the piece of hoof on the ground?

Here's a closer look at a trimmed off piece.

So what do you think of my neatly trimmed hooves?