How hilarious! Post-earthquake and howling winds, it’s been drizzling. So Harold, Karma and some of the other horses have been stabled overnight. When let back out into his paddock in the morning, Harold couldn’t resist a quick roll in the mud, despite the drizzling rain. When he does this, Harold snorts like a camel. I must upload a video of this so you can here him. I’m even considering starting his own YouTube channel!

So here is Harold in all his equine glory having fun in the mud, whilst another horse watches wondering why Harold is acting like a pig in mud.

Let me lie down in the mud first to check out whether it's worth a roll or two.

Ooooh yeah baby! this mud is fantastic!

Hang on, I think I might be stuck. This mud is very thick.

Nah..I'm not stuck. Let me go for another quick roll.

Wait a minute. I think that human waiter might be coming with some carrots - better get up.

I'm a bit wobbly on my legs after all that rolling in mud business.

It's okay everyone, I'm fine. I might go for another roll if those carrots aren't here soon.