Actually, the title of this post is a bit misleading. There really wasn’t any Karma drama at all. But guess there could have been. As part of getting Karma used to being a horse, we decided to introduce her to a horse float. I plan to show her so she will need to get to a show via horse float and, once there, probably be stabled and also have to deal with lots of other horses. We’re introducing her to everything slowly though. She’s a rising 2-year old (meaning she’s not quite two years old) and not broken-in yet – so we don’t want to stress her by getting her to do too many scary things.

So the other day, it was “let’s introduce her to the horse float” time. Plenty of carrots were needed and I was a bit worried that she’d freak out once in the float (we didn’t shut the door though, just went up and down the ramp). But she was just fine. I needn’t have worried as she’s a bold pony. She received many carrots as a reward and stood in the float for awhile before backing off it.

What? You expect me to go up this ramp? That'll be two carrots at least.

One step, ooh good a carrot!

You want me to do what? Go all the way in? Better be lots of carrots in that horse float.

This is not too bad at all. It's like a hotel room. Now where are those carrots?