Have you ever seen a horse dentist do his/her thing? For a first-timer like me, it’s pretty scary. Very reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter what with the steel contraption they put in the horse’s mouth to keep it open. Then there’s a whole array of rasps and files that the dentist places in the mouth to file down the choppers. Horses up to about six years old need a dental check-up every six months or so. After that, it’s once a year. Not sure why I was worried about having a wisdom tooth out recently – the horse dentist looks way more scary to me.

Skype spots the horse dentist coming her way.

But the dentist was heading for another horse. As she leans over her stall, she spots.....

The rasps and files....

Okay just let me get this Hannibal Lecter-looking contraption into your mouth. Won't hurt promise!

Now I just need to get to your back teeth with this long file thingo.

Show me your front choppers!

Ok rinse and spit out.

Pssst...Skye: you have NO idea what's about to happen to you. Good luck!