Racehorses who don’t make the grade – well, it can be sad. They are literally given away. This is the case with the rather pretty horse that’s just arrived. Her name is Kylie and that’s a name that does not suit this elegant horse I reckon.

Apparently, she was rejected because she didn’t race fast enough. She was given away. Fortunately, she will get a good home once she leaves us (she’ll be grazing with us for awhile). I’ve heard that others may end up as “dog tucker”. She arrived on a float yesterday and the first thing you notice is the beautiful golden chestnut of her coat. Not unlike Karma’s coat colour. The next thing you notice is the elegance, the slim lines and nicely toned body. She’s high-spirited being an ex-racehorse and now has to learn “to become a horse”.

This means being stabled during the day and turned out into a paddock overnight. She has to lose the association of stables, saddles and bits with “racing”. Frankly, I think she’ll be on a horse holiday with us – no stress, lots of cuddles and grooming.

You can see the elegance of this horse with this quick iPhone snap!

I must get my Nikon out and take a proper "horse portrait". She has a very pretty face.