The very pretty ex-racehorse is causing a bit of a ruckus. She is in the same paddock with two other mares, one of which has been the dominant mare so far. In the wild, there is always a lead or boss mare and she is flanked by one or two mares who are sort of like her second-in-commands. These mares might one day rise to lead mare status. The lead mare leads the herd to grazing, water and away from danger (although a stallion brings up the herd’s rear and defends the whole herd).

This natural instinct happens in domesticated horses so when the pretty racehorse was turned out with the two mares, we knew that a battle for status would take place. What we didn’t anticipate was…well…a lesbian love triangle. Seems the racehorse is in season and is drenched in Love Potion #9. I’m not sure I have this quite right – but someone told me that some mares can have “stallion fangs” and although these are extracted, the mare demonstrates stallion tendencies. So this is why there was a lot of sniffing going on.

The three of them turned in endless circles. Seemed to me that the racehorse was being a seductress and the other mares were dancing to her tune.

Let me just wrap myself around you so I can get a whiff of that scent.

Phwoar baby! is that Love Potion #9 you’re wearing?

You know what that scent does to me  – I can’t resist it.

Ok we’re going to stand down-wind from you so we can pick up wafts of Love Potion #9.

Nah, hang on: turn around, the wind’s coming from the other direction.