Karma is practicing standing still. This is a challenge for her. She’s young; just turned 2 years old. So she’s a bit like a 5-year old kid. Fidgety, full of energy, inquisitive. But part of being a horse is learning good manners such as standing still whilst tied up.

Horses come to the stable area to be groomed or saddled up to go out riding. Karma has had a saddle on and can be ridden gently but because she’s just 2 years old, she has now been turned out into the paddock for a few months. She is still growing and you don’t want to stress out a horse by breaking it in too early.

Young horses though benefit from being around older horses. They act as role models. So Karma goes out regularly with other horses for an hour or so around the district. This week she went out with another horse and loved every minute of it. But to get this reward of going out with older horses, she had to practice standing still. There was a fair bit of hoof stomping going on at first but then she picked it up and got to go out and about with an older horse.

You want me to do what? Stand still for ages? You gotta be kidding!

Yeegads, this is boring.

Oops. They're watching me. I'd better show them I can stand perfectly still.

Mmmm....let me glance over at that other horse. She seems to be standing really still. Okay I'll try again.

If I hold my head up really high, I can pretend to be a big horse just like this one I'm going out riding with.

Don't worry Mum. I'll be good. See you later!