Harold has left us. It’s a bit sad because Harold was a huge personality, larger than life. He was a big horse, standing at around 17.2 hands. We used to say “Harold is just Harold” whenever he seemed grumpy.

But it turned out that my friend who gave us Larry liked Harold and so she bought him. Harold is now happily ensconced on a property on the outskirts of Oxford and I’m sure my friend will have many pleasant hours riding him.

Last weekend, we went to visit Harold and our friends. And I decided to take a closer look at Bluebell. Bluebell is a donkey and used to be Larry’s companion. When I first saw Bluebell, I thought she was…well…ugly. She was wearing this Hannibal Lecter-type facial mask that made her look a little scary. The mask is to stop her eating too much grass as donkey’s can founder.

It was raining when we visited this time but I managed to get up close and personal with Bluebell and take some shots. She’s very furry. My friend took her face mask off and she’s really not that ugly. She has enormous ears and is apparently an Australian donkey. Bluebell nearly scared the bejesus out of me when she brayed. It was loud and honking.

Harold and Bluebell are being kept in separate paddocks for the moment. My friend tells me that Harold has been glancing over at Bluebell as if asking “what the heck is that thing with four legs?”. Hopefully, they’ll get on just like Larry and Bluebell used to.

It was raining so I snapped a distance shot of Harold in Larry's old horse cover.

Bluebell wearing Hannibal Lecter-style mask.

My friend takes off the mask....

and Bluebell suddenly doesn't seem to be quite so scary or ugly.