I guess the way to go when you wash a stallion is – very carefully. Muff isn’t the biggest stallion in the world. In fact, he’s a little afraid of his own shadow but he’s still a stallion. And that means he is always on the lookout and sniffing for mares. When a stallion gets wind of a mare, well the show is over for anyone standing in his way. The golden rule with stallions is – never turn your back on one. So when you release a stallion into his paddock, you should unfasten the halter and back away. You need to always be cautious when around a stallion.

For the unitiated amongst us, a stallion is not castrated. He’s got all his equipment thank you very much. A stallion is also called a “stud horse” and, because he’s always on the sniff for mares, he can be difficult to handle and control.

Muff is safely ensconced in a paddock far away from mares and with geldings in the paddock in front. At the moment, he’s being groomed for his first show. Stallions aren’t allowed in too many shows for obvious reasons, particularly when children are present. And when shown, a stallion has to wear a blue ribbon in his tail, which denotes “stallion”, and a red ribbon to denote possible kicker. I’m really hoping that Muff wins a ribbon in the upcoming show.

The other day, Muff was washed. We take him to the stable area regularly so he gets the idea that when he gets there, it’s not just to service the ladies! He’s actually very well-behaved but I think we’re all a little nervous about Show Day. I’ll report in on how it went next week.

Muff is a tiny stallion but he's still a stallion.

I don't yet have the guts to wash a stallion, even one this small.

Yeegads girl! I'm a stallion. What the heck are you doing around that area?