Remember I told you about my grandmother and those brightly-coloured teacups? Every chance I get, I haunt the second-hand shops of Christchurch and the great big warehouse of old treasures in Rangiora. So far, I’ve uncovered some good Crown Lynn pieces and a fabulous handpainted cup and saucer set.

The other day, I had to go into Christchurch for a dental visit (root canal anyone?) and on the way back to Oxford, I decided to drop into Belfast Traders (note: Belfast Traders has now closed and they don’t appear to have online shopping). This is a store stuffed full of collectables. The kind I like. Because you can spend ages in there and usually come out with something. I asked about Crown Lynn and there was a rather lovely coffee set but I thought it was a tad over-priced (as most Crown Lynn is these days).

I ferreted around the shelves and snooped into glass cabinets. In the back of one glass cabinet, I spotted a Royal Albert teacup set that looked a lot like my grandmother’s Grosvenor set. The china was soft pastels rather than the vibrant colours of the Grosvenor set. And then I spotted a gorgeous deep orange cup and saucer by Grafton & Sons, England.

I reckon both are 1950s or 1960s. After a bit of haggling, I walked out with my new haul for the princely sum of NZ $25.00. I’m considering whether to go back and see if I can haggle over the 1960s frosted glass and jug set I spotted.

Royal Albert pastel-coloured teacups with Grafton & Sons teacup and saucer on the right.