Woot! My stallion is a champion in the making. I mentioned recently that we were off to our very first In-Hand show. This is when you take your horse out to an event and run around a ring looking pretty ridiculous, especially when you have to wear horsey attire.

We decided to take Muff out to the show, partly so he could collect ribbons and also to socialise with all types of horses. Because he’s a stallion, he had to wear a blue ribbon on his tail to denote “Beware Stallion” and we popped a red one on him too to denote “kicker, stay well back”. Muff doesn’t kick but better to be safe than sorry, especially when you have other horses following your horse around in the show ring.

We entered Muff in four classes: best novice; best pacer; best mannered; best young stock. And he won a ribbon in each class. Some classes had 7 or more horses. So for his very first show he did really well. He didn’t take out a #1 ribbon because in the classes was this rather stunning horse – turned out to be a grand champion horse.

But the assistant to the judge couldn’t take her eyes off Muff and the judge was also complimentary. Muff neighed a few times in the ring due to the presence of mares. But really, he was an angel. Easy to float and very well-behaved.

Naturally, I was like a proud mother and took over 500 photos. His next show is in mid-December and then more shows in January. The idea is to get him seen and hopefully he’ll win more ribbons. Karma is also going into a show in January and I am in training on how to handle and show her.

I suspect it will be more that she’ll be showing me than me showing her. She’s one feisty Welsh lass.

Red and blue ribbons in Muff's tail tell people he's a stallion and could kick. Here he is out in the ring with his handler.

Another class and more pacing around the ring.