Thin Lizzy is big here in NZ. And I’m not talking about the bunch of old rockers. I’m talking about the 6:1 professional powder that I came across when I first arrived in this country. The TV ads for this product are beyond irritating now that I’ve seen it, oh say, 30 times or more.

The models look so glam and everyone swears they have only used the one small compact of 6:1 powder – as an eyeshadow; blusher; contour; face bronzer; lip colour; and body bronzer. I must say that I really like it as a bronzer because, on my very pale skin, it isn’t orangey. It’s also good on the legs to give a bit of colour.

Then…last week, the Thin Lizzy TV ads changed. The blue compact became pretty pink and they announced the arrival of the Thin Lizzy mineral foundation compact. I’ve used mineral foundation for centuries, well years. So I was interested. I have problematic skin: very fair, very sensitive and prone to redness (that’s the Celtic and Russian ancestry) and mineral foundation is lighter and helps the skin breathe.

But every mineral foundation I’ve used (from Jane Iredale to Bare Escentuals) leaves a coat of dusty powder over everything or mineral foundation particles flying through the air. Very annoying. So the compact foundation aspect of the Thin Lizzy mineral powder appealed to me. So I bought it but can’t really give a good report. I don’t find it gives as good coverage as my current mineral foundation, which is Pür Minerals and it also feels a bit cakey on my skin.

Incidentally, I order Pür Minerals from Strawberrynet because makeup and skin care in New Zealand is pretty expensive. For NZ$49.00, I get the starter kit in Porcelain, which includes a small mineral foundation (which lasts and lasts); a small mineral glow powder (bronzer); a small marble powder in pink; and a chisel brush. All shipped from Hong Kong with free international shipping and usually arriving in 3 days. In contrast, the Thin Lizzy mineral foundation compact is NZ$49.95 from Farmers and you get the compact plus a powder brush.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to order over the internet anymore but sad to say the Thin Lizzy mineral foundation (for me anyway) is just not as good as Pur Minerals (or Jane Iredale or Bare Escentuals). But because it’s a compact, I chuck it in my bag for touch ups and at least there’s no annoying dusty powder flying all over the inside of my handbag. That’s a bonus at least.

The Thin Lizzy mineral foundation compact is a convenient size and at least it’s a compact powder. Comes with a brush, which is a pretty pink to match the compact.

The colour is Miss Von Dita. Note my iPhone in the mirror with its cheetah cover. How artistic!