If you ask me, the way to trim a horse’s tail is VERY carefully. I still don’t like to get up close and personal with the “posterior” area of the horse.

The other day, Karma was up around the stable area being readied for a ride around the district. But she needed a bikini trim first. Karma has lovely colouring in her tail. She’s a gorgeous chestnut mare with golden and russet¬† highlights in her tail. Of course, I’m biased but I think you’ll agree she’s a pretty girl from the photos below. But now her tail reminds me of a mullet haircut or toilet brush. But apparently, this sort of tail trimming is good for horse hygiene and I guess looks neater than a bushy tail.

I'm just a gorgeous looking mare don't you think? but of course, my tail is one of my best assets.

Note the scissors on Karma's rump.

Do you think this trim makes my rump look bigger?