Binkey is a black and white English Pointer and she’s Zeph’s aunt. Binkey visited the other day with her owner and I’m not sure which dog is more spoilt – Binkey or Zeph. It’s a close call. Pup enjoyed time with Binkey and certainly learnt some lessons like don’t try and play with a mature Pointer who has a bone in her mouth.

It’s actually quite psychologically draining for a young pup to spend time with an adult dog. That’s because the pup doesn’t yet understand the “dog language” and so has to concentrate hard and figure out what’s going on. That night and the next day, Zeph was pretty well zonked out.

Binkey has just arrived and her owner is instructing her to play nicely with Zeph.

Binkey enjoys quality time with her owner.

We put a “modesty patch” on Binkey!

Aunt and nephew explore the garden together.