I wouldn’t normally bore you to tears with details of my family but I’ve been going through my Dad’s WWII photo album and flight log. Dad was a fighter pilot in the New Zealand Air Force during WWII and his theatre of war was the Middle East. The reason I’ve been going through his album is because a chap in the UK is writing a book on the squadron my Dad was in – the 127 Squadron RAF. With help from some survivors of the 127, he’s put together a website full of photos and the names of all the pilots who served in the squadron, including my Dad.

Somehow, he tracked me down and I’ve been able to provide him with photos of Dad and also a photo of the playing cards that symbolised the 127 squadron – the Ace, two and seven cards. The photo is off my Dad’s plane. During the war, he flew Typhoons, Hurricanes and Spitfires and was one of the pilots who escorted General Eisenhower on some visit.

Honestly, it’s another world away isn’t it. So long ago, the Second World War. Dad told me about his war-time exploits but it was always matter-of-fact like “yeah, it was my duty so I went and did it”. He served from 1939 (getting my grandfather’s permission to enlist) until 1945 and was never injured.

Reading his flight log is amazing, full of “wizard, plane came down with a thud, having lost a lot of oil flying over France”. So for today’s post, since I have the photos on my laptop now, here are some shots of my Dad, Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins.

You are probably mentally calculating now and deciding that I’m incredibly ancient if my father was in WWII. Well, I’m ancient but not incredibly. I was actually the third child – one was still-born, the other died at six months or so, probably from cot-death although this was never discussed in my family – and then 10 years or so later, I came along. Third time lucky and an incredible surprise to older parents. My mum was well into her 40s when I made my appearance. I grew up an only child and a great mate will tell you that I’m SUCH an only child!

Dad looked very spiffy I think and you can see where I get my amazing good looks from 🙂

UPDATE: I’ve now started a blog about my father, Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins.

These photos are from a promotional film for the NZ Air Force that Dad was involved in.

I've always liked this photo. Very Top Gun or The Right Stuff. Dad is in the middle.

Dad in Cairo, on the left.

The playing cards used by the squadron to denote 127.

On leave in England.

Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins