I’ve been accepted into a photography course in April. I’m quite excited about this because it’s with one of New Zealand’s leading photographers. So I’m going to have to get my Nikon D40 out more. The iPhone is really convenient for taking those quick shots when you’re out and about in the garden or around the house. But if I’m not going to embarrass myself, I’d better get my Nikon out and take more photos with it.

Actually, I had it out last weekend. We took my Thoroughbred, Larry, to an A&P show. He won 1st Prize, Best Hack, and other ribbons in various classes. Here’s a few shots I took of him with my Nikon – I think you’ll agree he’s a handsome boy. Along the way though, I was sidetracked by my usual obsession – tree silhouettes and light.

I’m sure this will sound pretentious but I don’t like to process my photos. I prefer not to do any post-processing as I think you should aim to take the very best shot possible in-camera. But I’ve come around to the idea that Photoshop (and Aperture, which I have loaded onto my MacBook Pro) can really help you be more creative. So I’ll learn this sort of stuff in the course.

Next week, when it actually stops raining and the sun makes a welcome appearance, I’ll be getting out my Fujiyama macro lens and I’ll post some shots.