In yesterday’s post, I revealed my make-up “go-to” collection and….very dodgy photos of me. I don’t like my photo taken and I rarely take one of myself either. I’m just not photogenic. It would take 20 photos before you’d get one where I didn’t have my eyes shut or looked ridiculous in some way. So I figure that if I’m going to be photographed, I’ll take control and take the photo thank you very much.

Zeph has taken on a peculiar habit. Whenever I “put my face on” (as my mother and grandmother used to refer to the daily cosmetics ritual), he stares at me. Actually, he rushes up the stairs and leaps onto the bed. Then he stares at me.

I believe he’s thinking to himself “wow, she looks fantastic” but he’s probably thinking “yeegads, these human females are weird, plastering themselves with all this stuff on their face”.

So for today’s post, here is Zeph in his “what the?” pose. Behind him is my beloved Art Deco chest of drawers.