In line with my New Year’s Resolution to only buy NZ-made products in 2011 (and beyond if they turn out to be fab) – I decided to check out some New Zealand ice-cream. I’ve already road tested a few brands with Golden Rock being a leading contender and I must say that Memphis Meltdown in Big Hokey is damn fine too.

Hubby wanted something that wasn’t too sweet and we noted a series of TV ads for the Mammoth Supply Co – saying it’s “real man food”. Frankly, the ads irritate the bejesus out of me but guess they’re effective because I remembered the name. The ice-cream range is touted as being “Dangerously Smooth. Dastardly Handsome” and he picked the Cookie Dough one.

The first thing I’m going to say is that the packaging is beyond irritating. It’s a cardboard-like box and the ice-cream sits in it, like a brick. By the time hubby had made his way through most of the “brick” (took him a few days), the box was kind of collapsing. I thought the design of the packaging was clever though – it has a masculine look and feel to it. I had to laugh at the tagline on the box: “Smoother than a 70’s action hero dismantling a thermo-nuclear device”.

Now, to the ice-cream itself. Sorry but it doesn’t cut it for me (or hubby). Cookie Dough is supposed to be rich, vanilla ice-cream with choc-chip cookie dough pieces throughout. I’m still looking for the choc-chip and the cookie dough was few and far between.  The ice-cream wasn’t creamy and I didn’t even get a hint of vanilla. It was all a bit flavourless.

We might try the Peanut Butter flavour just to verify whether Cookie Dough was the wrong pick of the bunch. But so far, not overly impressed.

Mammoth Supply Co. ice-cream comes in a box thingo.

The ice-cream sits in the box but the box gets messed up and starts to fall apart.