I told you recently that yep, I’ve actually managed to get on a horse, stay on and even ride it around the arena. I’ve even bought a spiffy looking riding helmet  – must show you a photo. My “victim horse” is Rosie, a very placid 4 year-old. In fact, she’s so placid she nods off whilst I’m grooming her. To get her into first gear is a bit of a trial. My riding instructor says “give her a kick”. She doesn’t mean a brutal kick – just a nudge to remind her to get going. This doesn’t always work but so far I’m having a lot of fun learning to ride my Rosie (or Random Rosie as I now call her – because it’s a random event if she actually moves).

Last weekend, I went along to a local Polocrosse event, mainly to take some action shots. But I must say, it was all rather thrilling and I had visions of me and Rosie playing one day. I’m not sure that Rosie would be a good Polocrosse horse though – all the horses there looked quite lean and fine boned. Rosie is: well, shall we say chunky because she’s a quarter Shire. Mind you, it will take me AGES to figure out how to ride a horse so fast whilst at the same time juggling with a Polocrosse racquet thingo.

It was a hot day and many of the horses (and riders) were literally bathed in sweat. Despite the heat, you could really see how the horses enjoyed the sport.