About 5 weeks ago, I was walking around Oxford. I cruised by a house and did a double-take – was that a Dalek on the front lawn? And a Tardis? I retraced my steps, rubbed my eyes and took a second look. Yep, it was a Dalek and a Tardis.

I was standing outside the Time Traveller’s Museum – a private museum put together by a local chap. I decided that I would visit that Sunday. I was secretly hoping for some Star Trek memorabilia. I’ve never really been into Dr Who but the original Star Trek series is one of my all time favourites. William Shatner was a bit of a spunk back in his day. Mind you, I don’t mind that eye-candy with the gorgeous voice, Jean-Luc Picard, on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I digress. I was the only visitor the day I went but what a collection of amazing stuff. I had a LONG chat with the museum owner, Stephen Murray. He’s been collecting all sorts of stuff for over 16 years and built the museum himself (which you enter through a Tardis). Each row of cabinets represents a particular decade, starting around the early 1900s and the whole place is stuffed full of toys, games, robots, comic strips, TV and film collectables. At the end of each cabinet “decade” is a collection of posters showing what movies or TV shows were popular during the particular decade.

I got stuck somewhere in the 1960s and 1970s – so much to look at. Anyone remember The Invaders, starring Roy Thinnes as architect David Vincent? I grew up watching reruns of that great Sci-Fi show. Back in Oz, working in organisations, I often had the eerie feeling I was trapped in an episode of The Invaders, a TV show about an alien invasion of Earth. The aliens took on a human appearance as a disguise and Roy Thinnes spent his entire time on the show trying to foil their evil plots. Thinnes was one hot looking dude: my first man crush really. The Invaders was “a Quinn Martin production”. I remember at the end of the show a voice said that. Actually, every show from the 1960s seemed to be a Quinn Martin production.

I digress again. Stephen and I ended up chatting, so I missed out on the 1940s, 1930s and 1920s (a return visit will be necessary). Turns out he had some Star Trek memorabilia. (Confession time: ages ago, I attended a Star Trek convention in Hawaii wearing Spock ears).

Stephen has now asked me to help him market the Museum and set up a Star Trek exhibit for later this year. I’m thinking big: what about a Star Trek convention in New Zealand? Right here in Oxford? Why not! I’m not sure there’s even been one in New Zealand so I plan to check.

Before William Shatner and Jean-Luc Picard, there was Roy Thinnes. Remember him from reruns of The Invaders?

The Capt Kirk doll doesn’t do William Shatner justice!


WTF? a Dalek in Oxford, New Zealand?

This was fascinating. An Etch A Sketch from the 1960s. Basically, a grey screen with two white knobs you turn to draw horizontally or vertically.
























UPDATE: someone told me that this museum moved from Oxford in April or May 2013.