I’ve always loved Wellington. I think it’s a quirky but stylish city with stunning natural beauty around the harbour. Quaint wooden houses perch on the hills surrounding Wellington. And even when the city is windy, it’s still a visually gorgeous city.

I’m actually not sure why we ended up in Oxford in the South Island to tell you the truth. Well, I can tell you. Hubby likes Auckland; I hate it. It’s Sydney For Beginners. I adore Wellington; hubby hates it (what the?). So that left Christchurch and since we both like the Garden City, that’s the island we headed for. Not quite sure how we picked Oxford other than to tell you we visited 40 something properties and Oxford was the last on the list and hubby loves the area. The jury is still out for me because I really want to live in Welly. Sigh.

It’s also the home of my parents. Dad came from Island Bay; my mum from Lyall Bay. So guess there’s some nostalgia in the whole Wellington thing for me.

Anyway. I spent 3 days there and I was exhausted by the time I returned home. I chaired the conference for 2 days, and the night of day one, did a 2 hour talk to a bunch of knowledge management enthusiasts. Then on Day 2 spoke about the role of social media in society and politics and on Day 3 ran an all-day workshop on KM.

So I had no time really to spend in such a lovely city. I did get up to Cuba Mall and managed to dash out to a favourite restaurant (Great India in Manners Street) for a quick butter chicken and mango lassi. The butter chicken seems to be more tomato-flavoured in New Zealand than Oz. I will test this out for myself next week when I fly to Sydney for some KM presentations.

Meanwhile, my Kiwi friend, Sam, who used to live in Wellington tells me that there is an “earthquake season”, which is usually February/March. That explains the 4.5 jolt I experienced. But I still love you Wellington.

View of participants at the conference from my position at the Chair's table.

Roundtable discussion on social media.

Interior of Great India.

Yum! butter chicken with steamed rice.