Larry, Danny and Rosie are like the three amigos and I love going into the large paddock to greet the three of them. Danny is a bit reserved and stands a little to the side, whilst Larry and Rosie get in my face. I now have a very close bond with Larry. I’ve not had much to do with him until recently. He loves nothing better than a cuddle and has a habit of putting his face on my chest so he can receive lots of pats. He’s a lovely natured horse.

We have to graze down some of the laneways between paddocks, so the other day I let the three amigos out into a long laneway. Rosie wanted to pose for a group portrait but Larry and Danny were too busy munching away.

A beautiful sun shiny day as Danny, Larry and Rosie begin their attack on the grass in the laneway.

Hey guys: that human has a camera. Quick, group portrait time!

Nah Rosie: I'm too busy munching to bother with any photo-taking.