I have to admit to never liking the colour yellow. I don’t like blue either. In fact, now that I think about it, I have a very limited colour palette in terms of what I like and the colours I wear. My usual colours are black, black and more black. But I do like cherry red, rustic orange, chocolate brown and, my very favourite of all colours, green. But this is an emerald green not mossy or dark crappy green.

Having said I don’t really like yellow, I told you about that bright yellow cup of my childhood. So whenever I see a bright, confident yellow, it does bring back happy memories. I don’t mind a pale, lemon yellow or a canary yellow but I can’t recall ever wearing yellow to be honest.

But recently, I’ve been admiring some gorgeous yellow gold flowers in the garden. I’ll have to call on Irene’s help again because I’m not sure if they are dahlias or not. They have inspired me to try and wear yellow – probably next summer. I think with my pale skin, the colour will drain me but I’ll find out.

That insect stayed glued to the flower for ages.

I'm not sure if I'm a dahlia - I need Irene to tell me!