Possibly we should be marking March 20, 2011 in our diaries, fast. This is the date that NZ earthquake predictor, Ken Ring (aka Moon Man) believes tidal forces will trigger another quake. If it’s a huge one and New Zealand sinks well… guess I won’t have to worry about December 21, 2012 and that whole Mayan calendar business. On his blog on February 14, 2011, Ken Ring supposedly predicted the February 22 quake that smacked Christchurch in the face.

I’ve read somewhere that Ring is a mathematician and a long-range weather forecaster who bases his predictions around the moon and sun. Now, I’m no pointy-headed scientist or mathematician but seems to me that we shouldn’t just totally dismiss this dude as a fluffy bunny. Contemporary society is too much in the grip of science and Big Pharma. But we all know that our ancestors lived their lives by watching the skies. They planted according to the phases of the moon, for example, and lunar cycles can affect the behaviour of humans (particularly when it comes to crime) and animals.

TV3 here has a programme called Campbell Live, hosted by John Campbell. I was watching the cat fight that was his interview with Ken Ring. Personally, I thought the interview was poor form on Campbell’s part – he was rude, bullying and it was sloppy journalism IMHO. Even if one thinks Ring is a nutter, sometimes nutters turn out to be right. Campbell later apologised to Ring. I guess Campbell got hot under the collar because Ken Ring is predicting the trauma isn’t over for Christchurch yet – he predicts a third major quake for the Garden City on March 20.

Pointy-headed US scientists from UCLA confirm that strong Earth tides can set off earthquakes and these tides are, of course, caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon. They studied more than 2,000 earthquakes worldwide, magnitude 5.5 and higher, which struck from 1977 to 2000 and found that the quakes correlated with strong tides.

So why can’t Ring be on the right track? It’s a fine line though: I’ve read that many already stressed-out Christchurch residents are worried about Ring’s prediction and are thinking of fleeing the city on March 20.

What I’m currently intrigued by: did Ring predict the horror 8.9 Japanese earthquake and accompanying tsunamis?


Ken "Moon Man" Ring

Photo source: NZ Herald

UPDATE: Seems we’re all still here. Interestingly, the NZ Herald published an article saying that Ring has a “...background as a magician and fortune-teller – with expertise understanding a cat’s “psychic” influences by studying its paws“.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: Spoke too soon: around 9.47pm, I felt the house sway a bit and there was a quick jolt. Jumped onto Twitter and some CHCH twitterers were reporting a quake around 5.0 they thought. Turned out to be 5.1 magnitude.