I have one very clever English Pointer. Not only can Zeph wrap himself up in a blanket so he’s as warm as toast, he’s now figured out how to have a Skype conversation.

I was in Sydney for three days last week doing a consulting gig. For some reason only known to Telstra Clear, it was going to take them five whole days to switch on global roaming for my iPhone (we were under the impression we had global roaming). Five days Telstra Clear??

So that left me in Sydney with no global roaming. I stayed at the Park8 hotel on the corner of Park and Castlereagh Streets, smack bang in the centre of the city so I could walk to the client office and check out the new Westfield shopping centre in the CBD. I’ll do a post soon on my impressions of Sydney after nearly a year away.

The hotel reception was staffed by hot guys, not a female receptionist in sight. And one of them gave me four hours free Internet access. So I switched on Skype each night to speak to hubby and Zeph. It was hilarious to see Zeph pawing at the screen as he heard my voice. He couldn’t figure out why the Mac computer sounded so much like me!

Is that you Mum? I've been a good dog, really I have.

Hey Dad: how come Mum is in that computer?