Remember Harold? He was a larger than life horse around the property. But he decided to leave so he could enjoy being owned and pampered by a friend of mine who lives nearby.

I was visiting my friend the other day and we went into the paddock to see Harold (and Bluebell, the donkey). I hardly recognised Harold. I always thought he was a bit on the scrawny side as did my friend. Now he’s put on some weight and his coat is super-shiny. Which all sounds like I wasn’t looking after him – but Harold was a grazer with us. I didn’t own him. And that’s not to say the owner wasn’t looking after Harold either. It’s just that he’s a bit like Larry – lean and lanky. Larry is currently turned out and munching away – so I’m hopeful of putting some meat on him before winter sets in.

Harold seemed to remember me and came up to sniff and sniff and sniff. I took a quick “horse portrait” and it was almost like Harold struck a pose – to make sure he looked handsome and regal.

We took Zeph with us because he likes to socialise with our friend’s dogs, Sollie and Ellie. Zeph is now almost as tall as Sollie and we noticed they were playing together very well. Before, Sollie had snapped at Zeph but I don’t blame him because Zeph can be one leaping, jumping, annoying puppy towards an older dog.

Make sure you get my best angle.

Sollie and Zeph wanting to come indoors after a lot of running around the yard.