Whilst in Sydney, I went with my business colleagues to Caffe Quattro Passi in Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst. This is a small, quirky little cafe I’d recommend. The food is good – I had a chicken salad filled with yummy pieces of chargrilled chicken with a wonderful salad dressing.

What really intrigued me though was how the menu was presented. It looks like an old book and, when you open it up, there is a personal inscription like you see on the inside cover of a book that is given as a gift to someone. The messages were all very personal, lovey dovey. The menu was masquerading as pages in the book. Clever little idea.

A bit on the small side but quirky: Caffe Quattro Passi

Using old book spines, they popped their menu inside.

Seems to me the inscriptions were especially written for the Cafe but you never know.