I love Hollywood actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor, she has chutzpah. She’s flamboyant, gorgeous. A woman of substance. Someone to be noticed and admired. So what better name for our new puppy – especially now that Zsa Zsa Gabor, at 94 years, is ailing.

We had always intended to get two English Pointers and, true to say, it would be great to see Zeph have a companion. Hubby originally wanted a black and white female but we ended up with a liver-coloured male. We couldn’t be happier with Zeph. He’s the most adorable dog. Well-behaved (well, except for the leaping and jumping business) and loves being part of a family.

We’ve considered whether we should stop at one English Pointer. An only child. But our breeder phoned about four weeks ago to say another litter had been born and guess what: there’s a black and white female. So we took Zeph last weekend to our breeder’s place to see the puppy.

Zeph stayed outside with his grandmother. Both Zeph and Zsa Zsa share the same grandmother. Of all the puppies, Zsa Zsa was the boldest, coming up to us and sniffing. Zeph was as tiny as Zsa Zsa when we first met him but it was a shock to see a tiny puppy again. Zeph is almost the size of his grandmother and still growing.

Hubby declared Zsa Zsa to be beautiful and hopefully she’ll come home with us in mid-April once she’s nine weeks old. I just hope Zeph doesn’t eat her!

Zeph meets his grandmother. Even the breeder was surprised at how much he's grown.

Zeph (on the left) playing with his grandmother.

Zsa Zsa is far left, being fed a tiny bit of raw meat by the breeder. The puppy in the middle is a liver-coloured Pointer and the one in the foreground is an orange-colour.

Hubby holds Zsa Zsa for the first time.

Zeph was exhausted after his visit and conked out on the drive home.