As you know, dear reader, the previous owner of this property planted lots of trees and flowers. Not being much of a gardener (well, frankly clueless), I have struggled to know what is what. Irene has been helping me along the way and now Zeph is becoming something of a flower expert.

Here he is helping me identify a golden beauty (which we both believe is a rose. Irene, can it be that simple?).










We’ve equipped Zeph with a fancy collar that is linked to an invisible dog fence. Because we have other animals on the property, we don’t want Zeph to annoy them or get into trouble. He’s still a puppy. So after much searching, we found an NZ company that supplies invisible dog fences that emit a sound to warn the dog not to approach the boundary. If the dog continues, then doggie gets a zap. Sort of like horses do when they come up against an electric fence. Harmless but teaches the dog where the boundaries are. You have to train with flags first but soon your dog gets the idea.

Fancy dog collar that is linked to the invisible fence. It emits a sound only the dog can hear as the dog gets too close to the boundary you have selected.

Zeph can safely play in the garden surrounding the house. Here he poses with one of his bones. I swear there are hundreds buried in the garden!