When we went along a couple of weeks ago to see Zsa Zsa, our dog breeder said to me “Whatever you’re feeding Zeph, keep going. He’s looking good“. Of course, I’m biased but I reckon he has the shiniest of coats and is a happy, healthy puppy.

I feed him an organic diet that you can catch up on here. He went through the huge packet of Orijen kibble and I needed to visit the Feed Shack in Rangiora to get some more. I like this shop because of its emphasis on organic remedies and food for animals. Orijen kibble I find a bit expensive, so after a chat to the lovely lady at the Feed Shack, I bought Zeph a humongous bag of CopRice Puppy Food. This is supposed to be a natural dog food with over 23 vitamins and minerals for good health. It’s touted as being preservative-free and free of artificial colours and flavours. CopRice is an Australian brand.

But because I don’t like to feed dogs a lot of dry food, whatever brand, I also bought Zeph some New Zealand flax oil and a bottle of Pet Mussel tablets. I’m hopeful that this will balance out his diet a bit more. I grind flaxseeds and put this into his food already and I’ll now alternate this with a dash of the 100% Kiwi flax oil. Although it’s for horses, Zeph can also have this flax oil. The Pet Mussel is from NZ brand, Silberhorn – I’ve been eyeing off their vitamin supplements for humans too. The Pet Mussel capsules contain NZ Green-Lipped Mussel with added B-complex vitamins and Omega 3 fats. You break open the capsules and sprinkle in the food.

English Pointers require raw meat in their diets, along with brown rice and yoghurt. Zeph can’t get enough of Clearwater’s Organic yoghurt, an NZ product.

100% pure Kiwi Flaxseed Oil (grown & produced in Canterbury) and Silberhorn's Pet Mussel.