Remember that Arnie film, with Danny DeVito, about fraternal twins who looked nothing alike? Love that film. Now Zeph is starring in his own Twins film except he really has a look-alike twin. Well, not a film really; just photos.

We went to see Zsa Zsa again – to make sure she is the right second puppy for us. Our breeder is great. She believes the puppy selects you and welcomes as many visits as you want. But last time we visited, Zeph’s sister, Cha Cha, was being shown at a dog show.

This time around, Cha was there and we nearly fell over when we saw Zeph and Cha together. We could hardly tell them apart. As they were running around and playing, I had a hard time spotting which one was Zeph. The red collar thankfully helped me, plus the fact that he is the heavier of the two, being male.

When Zeph and Cha met on Christmas Eve last year, Cha was boisterous and Zeph wasn’t too happy. Cha was the bigger of the two then because female Pointers grow faster than males. But Zeph is now the same height, if not taller than Cha. So this time, Zeph and Cha played very well together and amused themselves whilst we visited Zsa Zsa. We have decided that she is the right second puppy for us and hopefully she will come home in the next few weeks.

Spot Zeph.

Cha is the dog in the foreground.

Zeph is the dog at the back. At least I think he is!

Dog breeder's hubby holds Cha and Zeph so I can get a family portrait. Zeph is on the left.

Cha gives Zeph a good run around. Cha is leading.