Zeph and Zsa Zsa have finally met. She should come home in mid-April. Until then, we visit regularly and thought it was time Zeph met her. What a hoot. A big, bold five month old puppy was dead scared of a little six-week old girl. Zsa Zsa seems to be quite the independent young lady and is very inquisitive.

In two short weeks, we could see how much she’d grown. Eyes are now wide-open and she’s exploring her world. It will be great for Zeph to have a play mate. I’m too old to be his play thing. I don’t know how many times his teeth have clamped onto my arm in play.

Female English Pointers grow faster than males, so it shouldn’t take too long before Zsa Zsa is a match for Zeph when it comes to rough and tumble.

You know: I'm not too sure about this Zsa Zsa. She could be a rival for food and affection.

But then again: I'm so devishly cute that no other dog could be my rival.

Guess Zsa Zsa could be my playmate.

Yeah, okay: I'll go along to meet her.

Zsa Zsa at six weeks.

At six weeks, she's much more alert and curious.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa finally meet.