Zeph and I were having a Skype conversation with my great mate in the Caribbean. She’s pretending to work over there; I think she’s just on one looooooong holiday. We email regularly and catch up via Skype every week or so.

Zeph made his appearance on the webcam during our latest Skype chat and proceeded to play with his soft toy duck. He has a habit of leaping up onto the couch and then the duck gets dropped behind the couch, which is next to the large window in the living room. He looks forlornly downwards and then at me as if to say “my duck fell, can you get it?”. Being a sucker, I usually do just that – lean over the couch and retrieve Zeph’s toy duck.

My friend thought it would be HILARIOUS to take a Skype video snapshot of my arse as I leant over the couch. Yes, very funny. We did actually have a good chortle about it because Zeph is also leaning over the couch with me. Thankfully, I can only seem to get a small size image to show you. I curse Skype and its ability to take a video snapshot!