I have no idea why but the two most popular posts on this blog are – the makeup I’d take with me to a desert island and my grandmother’s camphor chest. I’ve had so many hits on that camphor chest post and people looking at the photos of the chest that it’s inspired me to do a further post on what the heck camphor chests were used for. Stay tuned.

But for today’s post, I want to thank the DailyOxford reader who sent me a bronzer she thought I had to try. This was a really lovely gift and I appreciate it very much. I won’t mention her name as she’s asked me not to but I am going to review the bronzer in this post, along with a neutral eyeshadow palette that girls, you need to try. Since my makeup post has been so popular, here’s another one.

Whilst in Sydney recently, I dropped into Priceline (a frugal place to buy cosmetics, toiletries and health stuff). I needed to stock up on Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment, which is an Australian iconic product. It’s ridiculously expensive in New Zealand.

I’ve just about to run out of some of my Mac eye shadows and, as I’m still searching for a NZ brand equivalent, I picked up a new Revlon product. Their new CustomEyes palettes are four coordinated shadows and a liner in the one palette. Good for travel and a frugal AU$24.95 at Priceline (works out at about five bucks per shadow). Because I favour neutral tones, I bought the Sweet Innocence palette.

Soft peaches, pinks and browns with the liner on the far left.

Helpful tips for applying on the reverse side of the palette.

This is an excellent palette for that quick 5-minute eye. The peach and pink shadows give you a soft base colour (I use Mac’s Painterly Paint Pot as a base) and the dark brown colour lines the crease easily. The liner is fantastic. Not so fussed about the highlighter, which is in the middle of the palette. Overall though this palette is becoming a favourite.

Not so sure about the tufts in the hair. Hair was still a bit wet.

Now to the bronzer that a reader sent me (which I’ve used in the photos). It is Illamasqua Bronzing Duo in Glint and Burnish. I’ve heard of this brand before but haven’t seen it in Australia or New Zealand, although I believe it’s now launched in Oz. I think it’s a UK brand.

I have very pale skin so usually bronzers show up orangey on me. Ones I can wear are Pur Mineral’s Marble Powder Bronzer; YSL’s Poudre De Soleil Sun Powder No 3 Copper Sun; and MAC’s MSF in Soft and Gentle. But I’d throw these all away tomorrow (if I wasn’t being frugal these days) and replace with Illamasqua. There’s no shimmery, glittery stuff going on here. You just get a lovely subtle bronzer. I use the darker colour as a contour, then whack on a bit of the lighter colour. And you don’t need to use much. I’m contemplating whether I can use the two colours as a base eye shadow and crease colour.

Illamasqua Bronzing Duo in Glint and Burnish. It is not as pinkish as appears in this photo.