Can you see it? Ever so faintly? A light dusting of snow on the mountains surrounding where we live. It’s suddenly turned a lot colder in the evenings. Two people have told me that this winter will be the coldest since 1939. No idea where they are getting this tidbit of news from but I hope they’re both wrong.

I don’t want to know what winter in 1939 was like. I’m guessing a ton of snow. People unable to leave Oxford because of snow on the roads. Lord knows what it was like.

I shouldn’t have done this but I decided to search the Internet to see if I could find out anything. Bollocks! Turns out July 1939 saw New Zealand’s worst 20th Century snowstorm and people were running short of fresh meat, vegetables and milk.

I suppose I could find out what Ken Ring says about it all – he has a 2011 NZ Almanac that predicts the weather we’ll be facing. But you know what: don’t think I want to know. I’ll face it when I get there. Meanwhile, think we might stock up on canned stuff.

Can you see the light dusting of snow?