So the conversation goes like this:

  • Me: “Hi. Could I have some Lavender Grey tea in a pot thanks“.
  • 20-something year old dude behind counter looks perplexed then asks “You want a sea pocket? What do you mean?”
  • Me: looking equally perplexed. “Sea pocket? No. I want Lavender Gray tea in a pot“. I point to the menu behind him that lists the available teas.
  • 20-something year old dude “oh, well that makes sense now“.

What the? Is my Australian accent so broad that he could mistake “tea in a pot” for “sea pocket“? Or do I mumble in my beard? I would have found this all very amusing had not the 20-something year old dude had ‘tude (that is, ATTITUDE). Big time attitude.

I then asked for a panini with turkey and camembert. Dude asks “how would you like it?”.  I was tempted to reply: “in the sea pocket” but restrained myself and opted for lightly toasted. Frankly, it wasn’t all that good. Hubby ordered four chocolates. The cafe is actually a chocolate cafe called Theobroma Chocolate Lounge. Apparently, there are chocolate lounges in Oz but I never looked passed the Lindt Chocolat Café in Martin Place, Sydney. Actually, the Theobroma website says there’s a chocolate lounge in Rouse Hill, New South Wales. But I ask you: who the heck would travel to Rouse Hill?

Anyway. I’ve been to Theobroma (Westfield Riccarton, Christchurch) before so I’m putting this “sea pocket” episode down to a one-off experience with a dude with attitude. Because each time I’ve been there, the chocolates and drinks have been great and the service very friendly.

The weird name, Theobroma, for those intrigued by odd names is from Theobroma cacao. The great father of taxonomies, Carl Linnaeus, named the cacao tree (the source of cocoa and chocolate) Theobroma, meaning “food of the gods”. Botanical name: Theobroma cacao (LINN.) I’m not going to disagree with old Linnaeus – chocolate is most definitely the food of the gods. I could eat it every day but control myself.

I liked the futuristic look of the coffee cup my latte was served in, so took a shot to show you.