Hands up if you’ve read Rupert Sheldrake’s Dogs Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home. You know how dogs mope around when their owners are out and, five or ten minutes before the owner comes home, the dog starts to sit at the front door or looks out the window?

Well, Zeph does that with me. Apparently, five minutes before I arrived home the other day, he leapt onto the couch (which he’s not supposed to get on) and stared out the window. He wouldn’t leave his position until I arrived home. Had to take a snap to show you. We put a tartan blanket over the couch because we can’t seem to get it through Zeph’s head that the couch is for people, not dogs.

Zeph’s breeder tells us that male English Pointers tend to bond with female humans, whilst female Pointers bond with males. I’m hoping this is right because hubby’s nose is seriously out of joint as Zeph has bonded with me, rather than him. Zsa Zsa will come home the day before Easter Friday. Then Easter Friday and Saturday, I’m taking Zeph to his first dog show – just to watch and be with other dogs. In May, we might try to enter him into Puppy Class. His sister, Cha, is taking out all the awards – can’t let that continue. So hubby will have a couple of days alone with Zsa Zsa and I’m hoping that will start the bonding process or else I’m toast.

Zeph and I have been practicing for dog shows. Running around in circles as per the show ring and adopting the Pointer position. I’m sure I look ridiculous (because I’m running, not because it’s me adopting the Pointer position). The Pointer position looks like this:

Front legs directly under body. Back legs out a bit. Tail and head held up.

BTW: If you don’t know of Sheldrake’s work, check out his website. I’ve read all his books. Basically, he researches into animal telepathy and is known for his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance (read up on it!).