Are you anticipating next week’s Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with bated breath? I’m mildly interested – mainly to see what she’ll be wearing. She’s gorgeous so even if she chooses to wear a wheat sack, she’ll look fab.

But if you can’t wait until next week, you can watch the video below. It’s the latest YouTube sensation. I LOVED the JK Wedding entrance dance. I’m too ancient to ever get married again but I’m thinking hubby and I might do this sort of thing for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2013. Redo the wedding vows and shock the family by boogieing down the aisle. Obviously, the JK video inspired the T-Mobile Royal Wedding one.

The look-alikes in the video are pretty good especially Princess Anne, Zara Phillips, Princes Harry and William. But the best I think is Camilla.

So if you can’t wait until the Royal party on April 29, watch it below now.