Remember when you were a kid? Not a care in the world. Life revolved around play, friends, family and pets. Your meals were cooked for you, your parents and grandparents worshipped the very ground you walked on.

Then along came adulthood and the sudden realisation that there is this thing called money. That you had to work to earn it. That your parents are no longer one huge ATM machine. You learn other words like mortgage and responsibility.

But when you are only 5 years old – this is how the world appears to you.

It’s all about having a babycino with lots of hundreds and thousands on it. It’s all about making happy, happy faces.

I had coffee the other day at Seagers with my Kiwi friend and her daughter. A very pleasant hour was spent in their company and the happiness was infectious. I spent the rest of the day remembering how great my childhood had been (and wishing I could go back in time!).