You know how some people claim that crop circles or crop formations are the handiwork of aliens? Well, who needs crop circles when you can have wild mushroom circles?! Who knows what mysterious aliens landed on our property, shrouded by the darkness of night, and spent their time designing circles of mushrooms, which I discovered the next morning in one of the horse’s paddocks.

Obviously, the extraterrestrial visitors didn’t have a lot of time because the mushroom circles weren’t complex patterns or scenes. Disappointingly, there were no eerie ET figures with discs on their heads in the centre of the circle.

Karma was quite intrigued by the circle – that’s how I found it – she was in the paddock standing near it. It was very early morning with soft mist covering the paddocks. Just the right sort of atmosphere for a mystery.

But science can explain why mushrooms grow in circles. Mushrooms are fungi, which grows underground and spreads out mycelium (tubular filaments of the fungi) in a uniformly outward pattern. The visible mushrooms are the fruiting part and appear when the mycelium have finished spreading. Folklore had it that these circles were fairy rings and elves and goblins had a party at night, dancing around them. The mushrooms were used as seats when everyone was tired of dancing.

I’m pretty sure the mushrooms are harmless but, just in case, I have no plans to cook up a pot of mushroom soup.