I’ve been telling you for AGES that we were getting a second Pointer and that her name is Zsa Zsa. Well, she came home the day before Easter Friday. I think that first night and Easter Friday, hubby and I were thinking: what have we done?

We were very happy with our only child, Zeph. He’s a wonderful dog. Very well-behaved. And then all of a sudden we have two dogs and Zsa Zsa is one little diva let me tell you. She’s all of nine weeks old compared to Zeph’s six months. He’s a gentleman and treats her very gently. She smacks him in the chops and growls at him when they are eating pig’s ears or trotters. She’s quite the feisty young lass.

The first night, she was pretty good. Only whinged once during the night, so hubby had to rush out in the freezing cold to take her to the toilet. Easter Friday was spent introducing her to Zeph, the property and the horses. She has abundant energy and snores just like Zeph.

I’m sure that things will settle down and the two of them will be the very best of friends. But for the moment, chaos reigns.

The breeder sends Pointer puppies home with a box full of goodies. Zsa Zsa was given a zebra-patterned blanket; a dinosaur toy; goats milk; and food for a month.

I couldn't believe how much Zsa Zsa had grown in two short weeks. She's quite the fatso.

Getting ready to go home, Zeph can hardly control himself - he was so excited. He spent the day in puppy care too so he was tired.

Zeph poses with Zsa Zsa's new dinosaur toy. Ah, actually he stole it.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa tussling with the dinosaur.

Tired after playing, Zsa Zsa has a quick snooze.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa become acquainted.