I know dear reader that I’ve had no posts about the horses for ages. I’ve been sidetracked by Zeph and Zsa Zsa; my birthday; makeup; and camphor chests. But…yes, the horses are still alive and kicking. I’ve made some changes to how I board them, which I’ll talk about soon. But for today’s post, the cutest thing to brighten your day.

My Rosie is a quarter Shire, three quarter thorougbred. She is the most delightful horse. A very placid nature. Very curious. A bit skittish but we’re working on that. She’s still green really – only four years old so she’s still learning (along with me).

I’m working with someone who comes to our property regularly with her horse. It’s hard to tell the difference between this horse and Rosie. When Rosie first clamped her eyes on the dark, handsome gelding, she literally bolted out of her paddock and the two of them spent ages sniffing and getting to know each other. I was then working in the arena with the gelding and Rosie stood watching, besotted. Too cute.

Fang was around when the gelding visited and decided to follow him to the arena.

In love: Rosie on the left - she's seriously besotted.