Whoa..scary title for this post! Diatomaceous earth. Sounds like I’m about to go all geological on you. It’s just part of natural horse care (and dog care too). Whilst researching into natural ways of caring for your horse, I came across articles warning of the dangers of chemical worming treatments. Just look at this list if you want to freak over the possible side-effects of chemical wormers.

Diatomaceous earth is an all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants. The skeletal remains of algae-like plants have microscopic razor sharp edges that are lethal to insects and parasites. So it’s a very effective natural insecticide and wormer. It’s important though to use food-grade Diatomaceous earth (DE).

I’m now using DE for the horses and dogs. Because nasty parasites have a long cycle through the system, I’m probably going to give them DE for 60-90 days to make sure I knock off newly hatching eggs and so on. The pups get half to a full teaspoon each and the horses half a cup in their food.

I’ve read that you need to be careful with the DE dust particularly if you suffer from asthma. But DE is a non-toxic substance. I’ll do update posts to let you know how everyone is going with DE. Apparently, humans can also take it.

A bag of Diatomaceous Earth

I was fed up with the plastic buckets to cart hay around in. So I bought this pink gardening bag - it's great for holding lots of hay!