The weather here in North Canterbury is bizarre. I’m still getting used to it. In Sydney, it was usually bright sunny days. Winter of course could be rainy and a tad cold. But here – well, every day is something to ponder over. Will it be sunny? raining? snowing? will those HORRID north-westerlies be huffing and puffing?

Last week, the wretched north-westerly wind struck. The good news is that it brought warmer weather and dried out the paddocks and mud. The bad news is that you have to put up with the howling for hours. This is the only part of the Canterbury weather I dislike. I don’t mind the cold. The regular rainy days occasionally get me down, especially as Sydney was more often than not blue skies and sunny days. But the north-westerlies….I reckon they’re like the mythical sirens that used to lure sea-travellers to an untimely end.

Summer was great but mostly now, when I glance up, the skies are dark grey, carrying threats of rain.