Bollocks! I’ve never had hayfever in my life. In fact, I’ve been remarkably lucky health-wise. I had the usual childhood afflictions: measles (not German measles though) and chickenpox. I managed to avoid getting mumps. The only issue as an adult has been a tendency to get headaches. I’ve had the occasional migraine but mostly I seem to get headaches in hot weather. Now that I think about it, I don’t believe I’ve had a headache since arriving in New Zealand. I put my good health down to my grandmother and mother’s obsession with the father of the modern health industry – Gayelord Hauser.

I’ve mentioned this dude before on the blog. Don’t you just love the first name: Gayelord. Anyway. Whilst kids at school were scoffing jam doughnuts, I was scoffing alfalfa sprouts. Getting older, I did rebel and I certainly have a lifelong love affair with ice-cream. But I do watch what I eat and have been doing that pretty religiously since arriving in NZ. I refuse to take medication. I prefer to take vitamins and homeopathic remedies. I did resort to taking antibiotics in 2004 when I contracted double pneumonia whilst in Portugal (I strongly suspect it was due to the airplane’s ventilation system swirling around hideous bacteria). Stuck in the south of Portugal, I thought it advisable to take antibiotics rather than cark it.

That said, I am now suffering from hayfever. The type that makes you feel like your head is swimming in some primordial soup and your eyes are bulging out on stalks. I wake up several times during the night with a dry mouth thanks to my nose being all stuffed up. English friends here tell me that they too are suffering.

So I did some research (what would Gayelord recommend?) and found that herbalists and alternative health practitioners believe that symptoms like hayfever, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis or allergies are caused by imbalances of certain vital minerals in the cells of the body. One product was continually recommended: Thompsons New Era Combination H Tissue Salts, which is a blend of three homeopathic ingredients – magnesium phosphate; sodium chloride; and silicon dioxide.

In the 1800s, Dr Wilhem Schüessler from Germany noted that when certain tissue salts in the body were deficient, certain ailments would appear. He concluded that the best way to replenish these tissue salts was direct absorption through the mouth in the form of tiny pills you dissolve under the tongue.

Literally, within 10 minutes of popping these wonder pills I could breathe and am largely hayfever free now. Adult dosage is four pills daily and for chronic cases (like mine), you can take four little pills three times per day. I’ve been reading that six weeks before all the tree and grass pollen start flying around, you should begin taking the tissue salts.

Schüessler discovered that there are 12 vital minerals that must be present for the body to be balanced and functioning. Combination H Tissue Salts are specifically for hayfever and allergic rhinitis. Important when taking the pills to pop them in the cap of the bottle and chuck in the mouth – don’t touch the pills as this leads to contamination.

Because they are a natural remedy, you can’t overdose on tissue salts and there are no known side effects. I’m just happy that I’ve overcome the bloody hayfever. You can read more about tissue salts here.

A miracle in a bottle!